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Cancer patient shares Sarcoma treatment journey and the importance of early detection

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  • August 10, 2022
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Cancer patient shares Sarcoma treatment journey and the importance of early detection

Armed with hope, faith, and support of her family and the Friends of Cancer Patients (FOCP), a UAE-based civil society organisation dedicated to raising awareness about cancer, Narmeen Ali, a Sarcoma cancer patient, braved through her treatment and attained her high school degree after being diagnosed at the peak of the pandemic at the age of 17.

What started as small shots of pain in her leg became a defining moment on how to proceed with her life after the doctor delivered the news of her condition. She decided to start treatment and continue with her life.

The actions and wisdom of the young woman, who FOCP is morally and financially supporting, positioned her as a role model for other patients cared for by the organisation, inspiring them to resume their daily lives and contribute to their communities while undergoing treatment.

Ali’s story is one of many shared by FOCP as part of its year-long efforts to raise community awareness on the importance of early detection and regular screening to detect any types of cancer, including Sarcoma, a treatable type of cancer.

The young woman said that cancer patients grow wiser during cancer due to the immense thinking and focus on setting priorities and eliminating obstacles to overcome the diseases. She added that being equipped with faith and determination raises hope levels and diminishes bleak thoughts and desperation.

On her Sarcoma treatment journey, Ali said: “Reasons for the lack of early detection of Sarcoma is because people do not expect it. Therefore, they don’t get checked because they think their symptoms might be associated with other illnesses.” She stressed the importance of knowing Sarcoma’s symptoms and seeking medical consultation.

She also advised cancer patients to take the time necessary to physically recover from the illness and gradually resume their daily lives normally. Ali said she received the advice from a cancer survivor.

Ali said: “From my experience, cancer patients must seek moral and psychological support from other cancer survivors and patients because they have the knowledge and real expertise in dealing with the disease and have gone through and overcome the same worries and conditions.”

Throughout the year, FOCP carries out an intensive agenda of programs and activities to raise awareness on cancer and the importance of screening and early detection.

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FOCP called on cancer patients to submit their details via to benefit from the moral support programmes available to assist them during their treatment journey. Full information on the activities can be availed via:

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