FOCP beneficiaries share inspiring stories of battling and surviving cancer - FOCP

FOCP beneficiaries share inspiring stories of battling and surviving cancer

  • April 6, 2022
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FOCP beneficiaries share inspiring stories  of battling and surviving cancer

Friends of Cancer Patients (FOCP), a UAE-based civil society organisation, is calling on the community to embrace the spirit of giving this Ramadan by donating to its milestone 10th annual ‘I Deserve a Life’ Zakat campaign, which provides much-needed financial assistance to underprivileged cancer patients in the country. Through their contributions, individuals and organisations in the UAE can offer hope to those battling the illness, and ultimately, help save lives.

Nadia and Afaf are just two examples of cancer survivors who stayed strong and hopeful throughout their cancer journey and ultimately emerged triumphant, thanks to FOCP’s unwavering support.

After FOCP supported in Nadia’s breast cancer treatment, she powered through the disease, not allowing her lively optimism to falter. Even after undergoing a double mastectomy – a difficult operation and distressing experience for many women – she remained brave and positive, with her three children by her side.

Afaf was terminated by her employers when they learned about her cancer diagnosis. Her husband’s company had to be sold too, which made her feel like all doors were closing in on her. Going through extremely tough times, she was shown FOCP’s door by her treating doctor and the entire FOCP team personally met her to ensure she receives the best possible financial and emotional support.

The funds raised by generous and charitable donors allow FOCP to take forward its mission of delivering moral, financial, and clinical support to patients and their families who cannot afford the burdensome cost of cancer treatment, regardless of their nationality, ethnicity, gender, or age.

Khawla Rashid, Director Beneficiary Support Services at FOCP, said: “I thoroughly commend the courage and determination shown by Nadia and Afaf as they endured the trials and tribulations of cancer, and I stand in awe of how they managed to keep the faith and stay resolute even in the face of such a challenging test. The purpose of everything we do at FOCP is to be able to share such inspiring stories, which serve as a source of hope and inspiration for those suffering from cancer across the UAE. I would like to thank our charitable donors as well as the FOCP team for their efforts in making these stories possible.”

Speaking about the indelible impact made by FOCP’s ‘I Deserve a Life’ campaign in the lives of cancer patients, she added: “In 2021 alone, our Zakat campaign raised AED 2.2 million, serving 354 patients with 29 chemotherapies, five surgeries, four radiotherapies, 17 scans, 53 pieces of medical equipment, 20 medications and 206 food coupons. We urge the community to donate to our 10th annual campaign this Ramadan so that we may continue telling success stories like Nadia’s and Sara’s for the next 10 years and many decades to come.”


How to donate

To make a difference in the lives of cancer patients like Nadia and Sara this Ramadan, contribute to FOCP’s ‘I Deserve a Life’ zakat campaign via any of the channels listed below.

Online donations

Join FOCP’s efforts in supporting cancer patients through each stage of the journey towards healing by donating directly to the foundation’s website at:

Zakat coupons

No amount is too small when it comes to raising funds for cancer treatment. Donors have the option to purchase zakat coupons worth AED AED 10, 50,100, 500 and 1,000 at

SMS Donations

Relief for less fortunate cancer patients and their families is just an SMS away. Message the word ‘Zakat’ to the Etisalat numbers: 6447 to donate AED 20; 4426 to donate AED 50, 4467 to donate AED 200; or 2308 to donate AED 500.

Bank Transfers

FOCP also accepts donations via bank transfer. To do your part, send any amount to FOCP’s ‘Zakatkm Elajohm’ local account number 0011-364854-002 at the Sharjah Islamic Bank (International Bank Account Number ‘IBAN’: AE440410000011364854002).

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