Beneficiary Form - FOCP

Beneficiary Form

    Personal details


    Address Details

    Health Details



    UAE Residency for Non-Locals



    Contact person in case of emergency

    Kind of Support Requested from FOCP

    Attachments Needed to Open a File


    • Please note the application file will be examined only after the submitting all required documents (In case if any of the documents were not provided, the application file will not be accepted)

    • I do understand that any support for treatment in the UAE or aboard will take some time to be processed. Please note that FOCP will have to contact the ministry of foreign affairs to check the money transfer process to the hospital abroad as all funds should be transferred from the UAE embassy in that country

    • Any changes in current status, I am obligated to inform the charity about these changes or submit any documents if necessary.

    • I pledge that all details submitted are correct and will take full responsibility of the legal consequences if is was found otherwise

    • I understand that the file will undergo a review process for a period of time, and that FOCP is liable to provide any justification for applicants in case if the application was rejected

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