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Cervical Cancer


FoCP partnered with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) to  develop programmatic guidance to the Ministry of Health and partner  agencies for the development and revision of their cervical cancer  prevention and control programmes.

FoCP hosted the 1st forum “Turning the Tide on HPV and  Cervical Cancer” on January 2019 and the 2nd forum  “Accelerating Action on HPV and Cervical Cancer” on January  2021, in the Emirate of Sharjah- UAE.

The forum showcased best practices emerging from the UAE  and announced the “Sharjah Declaration on Cervical Cancer”  that was formulated in partnership with the UNFPA and the  MENA Coalition for HPV Elimination.

The declaration addresses the actions and the collaborations needed  in order to tackle cervical cancer and save countless lives across the  region.

  • Advocating

    for regional and national cervical cancer strategies that align with global initiatives, and do so, by taking into account the national capacities in order to ensure their implementation in every single country;

  • Establishing

    cooperative efforts and enhance south-south cooperation in order to improve countries’ and organizations’ cervical cancer control capacity and nationwide HPV vaccine program implementation despite the current and future health emergencies;

  • Investing

    in better data collection, analysis and utilization for evidence-based decision making and to identify and address current inequities with regard to HPV vaccine and cervical cancer detection and treatment;

  • Endorsing

    an establishment of a robust monitoring framework for the progress of HPV vaccine implementation and Cervical cancer elimination.


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