FOCP Organises Umrah trip for those battling cancer, enabling them to find hope and spirituality - FOCP

FOCP Organises Umrah trip for those battling cancer, enabling them to find hope and spirituality

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  • August 28, 2023
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FOCP Organises Umrah trip for those battling cancer, enabling them to find hope and spirituality

The UAE-based civil society, Friends of Cancer Patients (FOCP), in partnership with and sponsored by Sharjah Charity International, organised a four-day Umrah trip to Mecca for four cancer patients, their caregivers, and the FOCP staff from August 28 to 31.

The annual initiative by FOCP and its partners underscores the non-profit’s and the donor community’s collective and ongoing commitment to offering comprehensive support, both emotional and financial, to individuals bravely battling cancer.

FOCP welcomes charitable donations from all organisations and individuals who wish to support cancer patients who face the financial burden of high treatment costs, and make their spiritual wish for undertaking Umrah come true.

Donations can be made by visiting the following link:

Aisha Al Mulla, Director of FOCP, said: “FOCP has been steadfast in its efforts to organise the Umrah pilgrimage for the patients we support. Our unwavering commitment is to offer them holistic support on their path to healing. We recognise the profound significance of religious rituals and worship in enhancing mental well-being of cancer sufferers, and therefore, want to do our best to ensure that they can practise their faith in the most fulfilling ways”.

She further added, “This endeavour stands as a testament to our ongoing collaboration with the Sharjah Charity International, a partnership that echoes our shared humanitarian mission. Our gratitude extends to all those who unite with us in championing our noble cause, illuminating the profound ideals of unity and collaboration that are ingrained in our Emirati community.”

For his part, Ali Mohamed Al Rashidi, Head of the Resource and Investment Sector stated, “This collaborative initiative with the FOCP serves as a beacon of moral support for these individuals as they fight cancer. Many of them hold the aspiration of visiting the Holy Kaaba—a dream we are able to fulfil through collaborative work. My heartfelt appreciation extends to the compassionate contributors who have lent their support to this remarkable endeavour.”

Jamila Elias, a 75-year-old cancer patient, expressed her heartfelt happiness upon being one of the Umrah participants. “Though I visited the holy site before with my late husband, the desire to return grew after my 2020 cancer diagnosis. However, the financial struggles faced by my son, who supported me during treatment, led me to keep this wish hidden. Today, as I head to Mecca, chosen by FOCP for Umrah without even stating my desire, my happiness knows no bounds.”

Expressing her deep gratitude towards FOCP and emphasising their steadfast support, 58-year-old Hanaa Abdel Karim said, “FOCP’s assistance has extended far beyond my cancer treatment expenses, even covering monthly supplies. Being chosen for Umrah came as a surprise – a dream I have always had.

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