FOCP's Zakat campaign 'Their Journey Continues with You' seeks to reinforce the UAE's united stand against cancer - FOCP

FOCP’s Zakat campaign ‘Their Journey Continues with You’ seeks to reinforce the UAE’s united stand against cancer

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  • May 6, 2024
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FOCP’s Zakat campaign ‘Their Journey Continues with You’ seeks to reinforce the UAE’s united stand against cancer

The Friends of Cancer Patients (FOCP), a UAE-based non-profit organization dedicated to supporting cancer patients and their families in the UAE, has called on individuals and institutions to contribute generously to its annual Zakat initiative, which extends assistance to financially burdened cancer patients during the holy month of Ramadan.


Their Journey Continues with You

Themed ‘Their Journey Continues with You,’ the annual campaign underscores FOCP’s commitment to collective effort in combating cancer and easing the burdens on patients and their families. This year, the campaign harnesses social media platforms to showcase the valiant struggles of cancer patients, disseminating inspiring stories of resilience and hope to engage a broader community audience.

How to donate:

FOCP urges everyone to participate in the campaign and contribute generously to help cancer patients and their families during Ramadan.

To support FOCP’s noble cause, individuals can donate via and leverage the calculator to determine the Zakat amount.

Bank Transfers: Donations can also be made via bank transfers to FOCP’s Sharjah Islamic Bank account no: 0011-364854-002, IBAN: AE440410000011364854002.

SMS Donations: People can also donate by sending an SMS with the word ‘Zakat’ to the following designated Etisalat numbers to contribute: 6447 to donate Dh20; 4426 to donate Dh50, 4467 to donate AED200; or 2308 to donate Dh500.

Raising awareness

The campaign focuses on three main pillars: addressing the psychological fear associated with cancer, correcting misconceptions about the disease, and highlighting the transformative impact of Zakat donations.

Aisha Abdulla Al Mulla, Director of FOCP, stressed that the annual campaign aligns with the association’s commitment to mobilising the community against cancer. In addition to the support and care provided for patients and their families, it also plays a crucial role in elevating awareness about the disease, underscoring the critical importance of early detection to mitigate suffering and save lives. Al Mulla highlighted the Emirati community’s unwavering dedication to transforming its noble values and rich cultural heritage into comprehensive support for those battling cancer.

She said: “This year, our ambition is not just to meet but to exceed the milestones set in 2023 in terms of the volume of donations and the number of patients we reach out to support. Our faith lies in the strength of the UAE community— individuals, institutions, citizens, and residents alike—who have consistently been integral to our journey. They are the cornerstone upon which the success of our programs and initiatives rests, driving us forward in our mission to combat cancer effectively.”

In 2023, the Zakat Campaign raised more than AED 5.1 million, benefiting approximately 100 patients. The campaign included distributing around 300 food boxes to low-income families of cancer patients, that included food parcels and essential items, embodying FOCP’s vision of highlighting the Emirati community’s values of solidarity and cooperation

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