FOCP Announces Ramadan Zakat Campaign ‘I Deserve a Life’ - FOCP

FOCP Announces Ramadan Zakat Campaign ‘I Deserve a Life’

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  • Seventh edition of Friends Of Cancer Patients’ annual fundraiser for UAE’s cancer patients

The Sharjah-based non-profit, Friends Of Cancer Patients (FOCP), has launched its seventh annual ‘I Deserve a Life’ Ramadan Zakat Campaign, urging private and government entities as well as UAE residents to unite their efforts once again in the Holy Month to help cancer patients who cannot afford the high costs of treatment.

The initiative, based on an Islamic Fatwa issued by the Permanent Fatwa Committee in Sharjah, stipulates that zakat funds raised can only be used to cover treatment expenses for cancer patients who cannot afford it.

Over the past six years, the campaign has assisted more than 800 patients. FOCP has been channelling the funds to cover some of the most expensive aspects of cancer treatment, including chemotherapy and radiotherapy, surgical procedures, and also covered urgent expenses patients incur during early stages of treatment and care.

Dr. Sawsan Al Madhi, Director General of FOCP, said: “The compassionate UAE community are the champions of our ‘I Deserve a Life’ campaign. Their generosity reflects the humanitarian values that the Emirati society is based on, and has offered immense hope to cancer patients who are not just battling a serious disease, but have to cope with the financial burden of treatment as well. The support for our Ramadan Zakat initiative has only grown stronger each year, I am certain we will be overwhelmed with the nation’s passion to unite for a common cause once again this year.”

“It’s not just treatment costs that this campaign covers for patients in need. Through our strong emotional and moral support, we fill them with hope and give them the positivity they need to push ahead on the path of recovery. I urge each and every individual in the country who can afford to join this cause, to do so. Solidarity and charity are truly the essence of Ramadan,” she added.

Donations can be made online, through bank transfers, cheques and cash coupons and via SMS.

Donation coupons of AED 10, 50 and 100 are available for purchase at Zakat kiosks located in Sharjah Cooperative Society’s branches in Al Sewihat, Halwan and Al Qarayen, 10:00 am – 1:00 am throughout Ramadan.

SMS donations can be made by sending the word ‘Zakat’ to 4425 (Etisalat or Du) to donate AED 10; to 2307 (Etisalat or Du) to donate AED 100, or to 2308 (Etisalat or Du) to donate AED 500.

Donors also have the option of making direct deposits into FOCP’s ‘Zakatkm Elajohm’ local account no: 0011-364854-002 at the main branch of Sharjah Islamic Bank (International Bank Account Number ‘IBAN’: AE440410000011364854002).

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