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Patient Access

At Friends of Cancer Patients, we are committed to promote patient access to cancer patients across the United Arab Emirates. That means going above and beyond of care not just to support the cancer treatments’ financial needs, but also to fulfill the mental, psychological and spiritual needs as well.

A good mental attitude is well known for having a beneficial effect on treatment outcomes. It is well established that patient psychology, positive outlook and strong self-esteem are important factors in the healing process of cancer or any disease for that matter.

The moral and psychological support can assist cancer patients and survivors in managing daily stressful situations, evaluates patient’s flexibility towards new roles and situations and ascertains what resources may be drawn on. The moral and psychological support also offers support for caregivers, so that they are not overwhelmed by stress or feelings of isolation.

Spiritual support may play a fundamental role to overcome the disease in many cancer patients through their treatment journey. It allows them to get in touch with their inner-self and spirituality to better cope with the psychological and emotional effects of cancer.

Moral Support Programs

We believe that moral & psychological support programs are a crucial aspect of any successful cancer treatment journey, which can ultimately improve patients’ quality of life during and after treatment.

At FoCP, our moral support programs are offered to cancer patients, survivors and caregivers at the hospital, at home or from a distance.



How can moral support programs help cancer patients? Firstly, the moral & psychological support programs can help patients during the treatment journey to accept the disease. Once this important step has been taken, the moral & psychological support programs will assist patients to develop personal skills and strategies to allow them to live a healthy & stable life despite the disease.

Financial Support

Friends of Cancer Patient offers financial assistance to cancer patients and their families to get through the journey of cancer treatment.

If you having valid UAE residence VISA you can register for financial support, using the below beneficiary registration form and complete the registration with the required documents.





Celebrating the holy month of Ramadan, Friends of Cancer Patients launches “I Deserve A Life” zakat campaign in order to provide treatment and care for cancer patients who cannot afford it themselves. FoCP uses zakat money paid by individuals and organisations to cover medical treatment costs of cancer patients in the UAE. The campaign is approved by the Permanent Fatwa Committee in Sharjah, which means that the zakat fund can be spent on patients’ treatment, provided they are unable to afford it themselves.




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