Relay for Life - FOCP

Relay for Life


Raise awareness through your healthier and more active life.

Activity Goals To Support Cancer patients

Raising awareness about cancer is everyone’s responsibility. FoCP, through Relay For Life (RFL) App, encourages members to participate in challenges and walk their support to cancer patients and raise awareness.

Relay For Life App by FoCP, in collaboration with HealthKit, Google Fit and FitBit, counts your daily activity and allows you to join specific fitness challenges and donate steps supporting cancer patients.

You move, and it will count for many 

Any of the above Fitness/Health Apps will track any activity that gets you moving and share the data with RFL App, reflecting your steps counts in your dashboard and the challenge you have joined. Your steps will be tracked, making you part of a ranking for the challenge and the App members. Through your steps donation and participation as an App user, you will impact the awareness of the cause.

How to use the App

Step 1: Download the App in your application store. * If you are Android, please do ensure to download Google Fit before installing the RFL App.

Step 2: 
SignUp and allow all permits for RFL App to gather the data from your Health/Fit App.

Step 3: 
Start activating your accounts with your daily steps.

RFL App sync with the below Apps.

HealthKit for iOS

Google Fit for Androids


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