1. The Forum
  2. Objectives
  3. Plenary
  4. Workshop
  5. Planning Committee

The NCD Alliance will be convening the first ever Global NCD Alliance Forum on 13th-15th November 2015 in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates (UAE). Her Highness Sheikha Jawaher bint Mohammed Al Qasimi, Wife of the Ruler of Sharjah, Founder and Royal Patron of FoCP, International Ambassador of the World Cancer Declaration for Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) and International Ambassador for Childhood Cancer for UICC, is the Forum’s Patron as part of her commitment to the fight against cancer and NCDs. The Forum is organised in partnership with local host organisation, Friends of Cancer Patients (FoCP).

The Forum brings together representatives from over 40 national and regional NCD alliances from across the world to share best practices and build a sense of community. The Forum aims to provide a platform for strengthening advocacy, stimulating collaboration, identifying network-wide priorities and coordinating advocacy planning at national, regional and global levels. The Forum is designed to be interactive and to provide a safe space for knowledge exchange and networking.
Forum attendance is by invitation only and approximately 200 delegates are expected, including national and regional NCD Alliance representatives, global health experts and recognised NCD champions, patient advocates, International NGOs, Government representatives, NCD Alliance Steering Group members and supporters.
The Forum focuses on three key areas, under the banner theme of “NCD Advocacy and Accountability in the Post-2015 Era”:

  • Advocacy and accountability – driving change and demanding action. What are concrete examples, challenges, best practices and opportunities in advocating for NCDs as a priority issue?
  • Organisational development. How can NCD alliances function optimally to enable effective NCD advocacy efforts?
Collaborations for success. How can collaborations between NCD alliances – and with other key stakeholders – maximise advocacy impact?
  • Convene the network of national/regional NCD alliances for the first time to share experiences, lessons learnt, challenges, priorities and good practice in joint NCD advocacy efforts and multisectoral partnerships;
  • Strengthen the capacity of national/regional NCD alliances in organizational priority areas of need for optimal functioning and effective advocacy;
  • Stimulate cross-country (both South-South and North-South) networking and collaboration in NCD advocacy;
  • Develop common advocacy objectives for national/regional action, aligned with existing global NCD commitments (e.g. UN Political Declaration and Global NCD Action Plan, Outcomes of the UN NCD Review and Assessment, Post-2015 Sustainable Development agenda);
  • Develop advocacy objectives for national/regional alliances’ contribution towards agreed global NCD advocacy priorities.

The Forum’s programme is designed around three plenary sessions that offer delegates the opportunity to hear from recognised thought leaders and champions about the latest information on the NCD response and about successes and good practices from the field. Plenary sessions raise issues critical to NCD civil society, provoke thinking and stimulate debate, setting the scene for the subsequent workshop streams to delve deeper and to explore through discussion and group activities. Plenary sessions feature a keynote speaker and panellists for a blend of formal presentation and interactive discussion.

Plenary session 1 -

The Global NCD Response: Taking Stock, Looking Ahead. Plenary speaker: Prof Srinath Reddy (PHFI, India). This plenary sets the overall post-2015 scene outlining the global NCD response, including global commitments, and discusses implications for regional and national action.

Plenary session 2 -

Strengthening Unity, Building Momentum. Plenary speaker: Katie Dain (NCD Alliance, UK). This plenary considers the status of the NCD civil society movement, challenges and opportunities.

Plenary session 3 -

Achieving “25 by 25”: Accountability as a Force for Change. Plenary speaker: Sir George Alleyne (PAHO, US). This plenary delves into the concept of accountability and the powerful role civil society can play.

The Forum’s workshop sessions are dynamic, interactive and practical sessions that offer an opportunity for knowledge exchange, networking and sharing of good practice. Workshops focus on what works in NCDs, sharing concrete case studies and discussing experiences with a view of identifying practical and replicable approaches. There are three workshop streams across the two days of the Forum, each including four concurrent workshops. Workshops are led by recognised organizations and include and showcase the work of NCD alliances.

  • Workshop Stream 1:

    Translating Global NCD Commitments to National Action in the Post-2015 Era.
    Co-chairs: Johanna Ralston (WHF, Switzerland); Beatriz Champagne (CLAS, Argentina);
  • Workshop Stream 2:

     Effective NCD Alliances for Advocacy Impact.
    Co-chairs: Olivier Reynaud (MSH, USA); Suzanne Volqvartz (Danish NCD Alliance, Denmark);
  • Workshop Stream 3:

    Equipping the NCD Movement to Ensure Accountability in NCD Prevention and Control. Co-chairs: Marc Wortmann (ADI, UK); Sir Trevor Hassell (HCC, Barbados)
  • Dr Cary Adams, Chair, NCD Alliance 2012-Sept. 2015, NCD Alliance Steering Group
  • Sir George Alleyne, Director Emeritus, PAHO, NCD Alliance Expert Advisory Group
  • Ms Ameera Abdelrahim Binkaram, President of the Board of Directors, Friends of Cancer Patients (FoCP)
  • Beatriz Champagne, President, Healthy Latin American Coalition
  • Katie Dain, Executive Director, NCD Alliance
  • Sir Trevor Hassell, President, Healthy Caribbean Coalition
  • Cristina Parsons Perez, Project Director, NCD Alliance
  • Olivier Raynaud, Sr. Director for Health Systems Innovation & Strategy, Management Sciences for Health, NCDA Steering Group member
  • Johanna Ralston, NCD Alliance Vice-Chair & CEO World Heart Federation
  • Dr Sawsan Al Madhi, Director General, Friends of Cancer Patients
  • Susanne Volqvartz, Director, Danish NCD Alliance